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Grüße aus dem Schützengraben
Greetings from the trenches

A dramatic reading by Phil Lowe

Gastspiel teilweise in englischer und teilweise in deutscher Sprache

Many German and English soldiers exchanged addresses during the Great War Christmas truce of 1914 with the promise to write after the war was over. 'Greetings from the trenches' is a poetic new performance piece by Nottingham actor and writer Phil Lowe and examines the imaginary lives of soldiers Hans Schwabe and Frank Phillips through their correspondence. Now an elderly and successful writer and poet Frank arrives in Karlsruhe, the former home of the deceased Hans Schwabe to record their shared memoirs and poetry.

This poetic play examines the nature of time and the strange similarities between two men who dared to call the other 'brother' and not the enemy. In English and German and starring Emma Brown mezzo-soprano and actress and Phil Lowe.

Foto Gastspiel Grüße aus dem Schützengraben Foto Emma Brown
Foto Phil Lowe


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